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Music mogul Akon (pictured) is reportedly taking legal responsibility for two children whom he fathered out of wedlock, reports TMZ.


The 39-year-old hip-hop performer, record producer, and entrepreneur filed a Petition for Legitimation in a Georgia Superior Court, claiming that he fathered the two young boys, one born in 2008 and the other, a year later.  Akon, whose roots are in Senegal and whose actual name is Aliaune Damala Badara Akon Thiam, has six children with three different women and is requesting that the court grant him joint legal custody of the children in question.

The doting Dad says not only does he want to become involved in all aspects of his children’s life, but he is pushing to establish child support based on his astronomically high income and is more than willing to supply the court with his finances.

In addition, Akon is also requesting that the children keep his last name of “Thiam” and inherit any wealth from his estate as if they were born in wedlock.

Early in his music career, Akon admitted that he is a polygamist. Since 2006, the uber-successful producer has had at least three wives, even telling NY-based DJ Angie Martinez, “I’m a polygamist. I can afford to have as many wives as I can afford to have. All Africans believe in it. My dad has four wives.”

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As for Akon’s two boys, an unidentified source told TMZ, “Akon has been a Father to the boys since they were born, and this is just a necessary step to make sure he is legally recognized as such.”

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