So hip-hop mogul Kanye West has finally snagged his “perfect bitch,” Kim Kardashian.

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But it now seems that he was a fan of hers long before they got serious. Reportedly, multiple sources revealed to TMZ  that West used to watch Kardashian’s famed sex tape with R&B singer Ray J while swinging with his women.

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There have been whispers about West’s infatuation with Kim K. for a number of years. When the gal-about-town fashionista was dating NFL’s Reggie Bush (pictured below), it was no secret that West envisioned breaking them up and having Kim K become his permanent arm candy.

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As a matter of fact in 2009, it was alleged that West’s 2009 hit “Knock You Down,” was written about Kim K and her then boy toy, Bush:

“You was always the cheerleader of my dreams / To seem to only date the head of football teams / And I was the class clown that always kept you laughing / We were never meant to be, baby we just happened.”

Later in the song, there’s a line that sums up what West had been hoping and dreaming would happen to Kim K’s then relationship at the time:

“You should leave your boyfriend now.”

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West finally got his way when Kim K and Bush parted company in March of 2010.  But wait…not exactly. A little over a year later after her breakup with Bush, Kim K wound up getting temporarily hitched to Kris Humphries in a union that lasted 72 days. Then the West and Kim K hook up started making headlines about a month after she filed for divorce.

Now Kim K is with West. He seems content in the arms of his “perfect bitch” and all’s right with the world…for now.

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