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A 23-year-old Florida woman is accused of beating her ex-boyfriend with a his own prosthetic leg in an child custody dispute over their 2-year-old son, Fox 10 TV reports.

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Jadian Faye-Marie Hatfield was arrested on Aug. 31 on multiple felony charges in connection to the alleged Aug. 27 attack in Baker, Florida. The victim, 25-year-old Brandon Fleming, says that he and Hatfield agreed to joint custody of their son since their relationship ended in February and that the boy would switch homes every two weeks.

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But, on Aug. 27, Fleming says that the agreement went sour. He alleges that Hatfield sent him a text message stating that she would put him six-feet under and that she was tired of him. Around 11 p.m. that night, Hatfield allegedly arrived at Fleming’s home demanding their child. He refused and called the Sheriff’s department.

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Here is more on this story:

Fleming says Hatfield then took the child out a bedroom window and when he went outside to get the boy out of the back seat of a car, two men grabbed him and began fighting with him.

Fleming told the deputy that during that physical altercation, Hatfield came up behind him, pulled off his prosthetic leg and began striking him with it. He says Hatfield then reached into the front of the car, pulled out a 12 gauge shotgun and pointed it at him, saying she’d kill him if he didn’t let her leave with the child. Hatfield, the child, and the two men then drove off.

The deputy says Fleming had injuries consistent with his statement. He also found a sheet being used as a curtain in the bedroom window hanging partially outside. Hatfield was arrested on the warrants August 31.

The specific charges against Hatfield are “aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill, domestic violence battery, interfering with the custody of a minor, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.”

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