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After wining Wimbledon, kicking butt at the Olympic Games in London and winning a close one at the U.S. Open, tennis legend Serena Williams certainly deserves a little relaxation.

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The Daily Mail reports that she has been spending of that R & R with her tennis coach in France. This week, she was seen with Patrick Mouratoglou in the town Valbonne this week.

Her is how the Daily Mail describes her outing with the Frenchman:

The pair were spotted getting very cosy on the streets of the French town of Valbonne this week, as they dined out and stood cheek-to-cheek while peering at listings in the window of a realtors.

Williams was spotted with her hand in the back pocket of Mouratoglou’s trousers in a comfortable gesture that shows their relationship could be more than just professional.

In return, he placed his arm gently on her back as they strolled, barely inches apart, along the Riviera town’s streets.

While enjoying lunch at a restaurant, Mouratoglou affectionately touched Williams’ shoulder as they appeared locked in conversation and oblivious to the activity swarming around them.

Mouratoglou runs a tennis academy in France and has been working with Williams since her early departure from French Open this summer.

The Daily Mail has French tennis site, PKTennis, reporting that the pair are a couple. Well, given her success on the tennis court, it makes sense that the two may make a great couple off of it. While neither Serena nor Mouratoglou has publicly announced they are in a romantic relationship, they sure look like they are in one from recent photos.
SOURCE: The Daily Mail | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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