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Many of us are fascinated by Google Maps and the awesome street views it captures from around the world. But there are some places where the Google Street View car that captures those images is simply not welcome.

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The 18800 block of Brinker Street on Detroit’s near east side seems like one of them. One of the images, all of which were captured back in September of 2009, shows a young man brandishing a shotgun across his chest as he and several other people stand on a front porch, Fox 2 News in Detroit reports.

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Another image (left) shows the same man pointing the gun directly at the Google Street View car as it rolled by the residence. While most may not know the address where these images were shot, many around the nation are likely familiar with, Ziya Turner, the little girl who was found dead there in June. Her death was not ruled a homicide and there is no known connection between the girl’s case and the photos.

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It is also not known if the driver ever filed a police report. Fox 2 News reached out to Google for comment but have not heard back. The Detroit Police Department is aware of the photos and say they will investigate.