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Brandi Worley (pictured) was spit on, called the N-word and physically abused by a White male while monitoring hurricane cleanup in Grand Isle, La., last week, WBRZ-TV reports. She caught much of the assault on her cell phone.

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Here is some of what the man, Josh Jambon, said on the cell phone recording: F**k you. F**k you, you Black muthaf***a. F**kin’ N***er.

When Jambon saw that Worley was recording his verbal abuse, he tossed her to the ground and spit on her. Worley said Jambon also hit two of her other coworkers. Grand Isle Police arrested Jambon and charged him with assault.

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“I’m pleading with him not to touch me and leave me alone,” Worley told WBRZ. “Nothing was said to him to upset him, then he goes and spits in my face. He did the cruelest thing he could think of to demean me, break me and make me feel less than human.”

It is not exactly clear what ticked Jambon off, but WBRZ reports that he was reportedly unsatisfied with the progress made

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When News 2 reached Jambon by phone, he defended his character but acknowledged his arrest.

“I’m a really good guy,” Jambon said. “I’m a really good businessman.”

When asked if he used racial slurs and the “N” word, he said, “I’d like to talk to you in front of my attorney.”

When asked who is attorney was, the line disconnected.

Attorney Cleo Fields in Baton Rouge watched the video News 2 obtained. He said it clearly shows a hate crime.

“There’s no place in our society for that type of behavior,” Fields said. “I think he acted totally inappropriate.”

As Worley tried to forget about what happened, she said her family is helping her get through the bigotry she encountered in Grand Isle.

“I’m crying today because I’m upset,” Brandi’s mother, Susan Worley said. “I haven’t slept all night and the fear is just in me.”

Further charges against Jambon may be forthcoming, according to local police. NewsOne is interviewing Brandi Worley later this evening and will gather more information around this story throughout the day.

She Worley wrote a column on the attack for a site called “Rap Rehab.”

UPDATE: NewsOne reached out to Brandi and we are still working on a follow-up interview.

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