Louisiana's second majority-Black district is under attack.

Trump-appointed federal judges shut down a newly drawn Louisiana congressional map that added a new majority-Black district.


Under House Bill 800, legislators would write a new state constitution and put it on the ballot during the 2024 presidential election with little time for Louisianians to ensure that their rights are protected.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

Video footage shows a white police officer in Louisiana choking an unarmed Black man.


Louisiana is following Alabama's lead.


Dylan Hudson beat and pistol-whipped a "nonviolent" Black man suspected of loitering.

Black voters are being blamed for low turnout as Louisiana elected Jeff Landry governor, but critics say state Democrats didn't help, either.


International Day of the Girl is an opportunity to center the educational needs of girls everywhere.

A Louisiana judge will allow a charge of negligent homicide in the 2019 death of Ronald Greene.

Climate & Environment

The disproportionate threats extreme weather brings to BIPOC communities are specifically evident in Louisiana, writes Ashley Shelton, CEO of the Power Coalition for Equity & Justice.

Shanerika Flemings says a white colleague used the N-word amid "inappropriate" advances.


Folding chairs became unintentional symbols of resistance after the Montgomery brawl.