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In a videotaped legal deposition obtained by TMZ involving rapper Lil Wayne, the performer–real name Dwayne Carter–is questioned during courtroom proceedings and his responses would stupefy and frustrate anyone with the patience of Job.

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Carter is suing Quincy Jones III over the usage of his songs in a documentary he filmed on the rapper’s life entitled “The Carter.”

When the film project began back in 2009, Carter allowed a camera crew to trail him and the footage resulted in a documentary. However, when Carter viewed the finished product, he allegedly abhorred it and referred to the piece as a “scandalous portrayal.”

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Now, Carter has now filed a lawsuit against Jones claiming that the documentary used songs from his album, “Tha Carter IV,” without his permission. In courtroom video leaked by TMZ, the 29-year-old hip-hop star is seen flippantly answering each question posed by Jones’ attorney, Pete Ross.

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He is clearly disturbed by Ross’ line of questioning, often responding with, “I don’t recall.” Even when asked about his previous arrests and recent stint at New York City’s Riker’s Island jail on felony gun charges, he replies, “I don’t recall.” He even tells Ross at one point that he is asking a “stupid ass question.”

As Carter is seen giving his blatantly sarcastic answers, he is overheard at one point making a statement to the judge that appeared to be meant for Ross: “Can’t save him in the real world.”

It sounds like a threat but Carter denies the allegation.

But, NewsOne fam, what do you think? Was Carter making a threat? Was his behavior disrespectful?  You be the judge in the poll below!

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