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A Mecklenburg County affiliate was ordered to take down photos from its Facebook page that depicted photoshopped images of President Barack Obama as a witch doctor, caveman, and a thug in a wife beater. While the photos were removed on Thursday morning, the eye candy for Obama haters had reportedly been up for months before anything was done about it, reports the Los Angeles Times.

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The photos (pictured above) were discovered when the Mecklenburg County GOP Committee helped to promote a luncheon set up by U.S. Senate candidate George Allen whose campaign also strongly condemned the images.

Mecklenburg County Republican Party chairman Wally Hudson, who posted up the images himself, initially refused to remove the photos, telling the Washington Post, “If that group is sensitive, I’m sorry, they’re just not human.  It’s not American.  If they’ve got a problem with it, we’re not going to change what we do.  We know our regular readers, who are good conservatives, they’re gonna get a kick out of it, said Hudson, 55, a retired airline flight crew member who became chairman in May.

“The rest of them, if they don’t want to see it, they don’t have to look at it.  We don’t consider any of it racist.”

Sadly, the disparaging representation of Obama is the second time in a year the Virginia GOP has been forced to disavow a local affiliate for inappropriate pictures.

Last October, the Loudoun County Republican Party was admonished for circulating a mailer (pictured below) that depicted Obama as a zombie with part of his skull missing and a bullet hole through his head.

The e-mail invited recipients to a Halloween parade, where they were going to “vanish the zombies with clear thinking conservative principles and [a] truckload of Republican candy.” Obama supporters and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi were also displayed as zombies.

The Loudoun County GOP members were also put in their place by the Republican Party of Virginia whose reaction was swift:

The disgusting image  used today on a mass-email has no place in politics….ever. The Republican Party of Virginia condemns the image and its use in the strongest possible terms.

At the time, the Loudon Republican Party Chairman Mark Sellapologized” for the mailer stating that it was merely “a light-hearted attempt to inject satire humor into the Halloween holiday.”

Photographs, such as this, really show how ugly and racist certain elements are in this country. Four years later, President Obama is still being insulted and disrespected as if he had every job but the highest post in this country.

As negative as these types of groups are, there is an upside: at least there is no confusion as to who or what we are dealing with.

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