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A Philadelphia cop is being investigated after he is shown punching a woman at the Puerto Rican Day Parade on Sunday, Fox News Latino reports. The incident was recorded and posted on YouTube on Sept. 30 by user “Gisela Valentin.”

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In the 36-second clip, a group of officers are seen handcuffing a man against a car when someone outside of the frame throws water at them. An unidentified woman near the officers, who looks as if she was also hit by the water, is seen walking away from the cops when one of them turns and decks her square in the jaw. She drops to the ground and other officers rush and cuff her.

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The Philadelphia Daily News has identified the cop as Lt. Jonathan Josey II below. More on the photo in a minute.

The Daily News has more:

Police spokesman Lt. Ray Evers said the department is “fully aware” of the video and what it depicts. He said the officer involved has been identified and Internal Affairs opened up an investigation in to the incident this morning. He said Commissioner Charles Ramsey, who is in San Diego at a conference, is also aware of the video.

Evers declined to publicly identify the officer, but did say he is a supervisor in Highway Patrol. He did not know if the officer had been placed on desk duty.

Police also declined to identify the woman, who was given a disorderly conduct citation for the incident. According to Evers, the 39-year-old woman’s citation states “liquid and some other objects were thrown at a group of officers causing a large crowd.”

She was the only person given a citation for the incident, Evers said.

The incident did not happen along the Puerto Rican Day Parade route, but rather, at 5th Street and Lehigh Avenue in North Philadelphia, according to police.

Josey II once nominated himself to be a “Daily News Sexy Single” (photo submission above), according to the newspaper.

He told the paper in 2006 that, his most outstanding features were his “charm and magnetic personality.” He said he was looking for a “sexy, sexy, sexy” woman and was sick of meeting women that act like girls.

He doesn’t seem so sexy now, does he?