What Is stop-and-frisk and how it has been used in Philadelphia? Criminologists say it can be constitutional and useful if carefully controlled.


Philadelphia has reduced school-based arrests by 91% since 2013.

Philadelphia pastor Phillip Fisher Jr., a Black man who works with the state's chapter of Moms for Liberty, was convicted of sexually abusing a young teenage boy.


Young Black men represented 93.9% of firearm-related homicide victims in Chicago and 79.3% of gun homicides in Philadelphia.

Cody Heron is shown on menacing a Black mother and her two young children.


Mail ballots from nonwhite Philadelphia communities are more likely to be rejected due to simple mistakes, compared with all voters in the city who requested mail ballots, a new analysis found.

Calm down, Karen. Let the young people have their moment.

The case centered on the infamous 911 call that got two Black men arrested in Philadelphia.

Cherelle Parker is the favorite to become the city's 100th mayor, the first woman and first Black woman to serve in the role.

Philadelphia is the latest with a water crisis.

Philadelphia has agreed to pay $9.25 million to hundreds of protesters who were teargassed, struck with rubber bullets and detained.

Students from St. Hubert Catholic High School and Franklin Towne Charter High School in Philadelphia posted a racist video in which one wore blackface. Now they're being exposed.