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A pregnant Ohio woman has been arrested after allegedly stealing a tow truck with her repossessed SUV attached to it on Friday, the Massillon Independent reports.

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Tow truck driver, Ed Meadows, claims that when he hooked 21-year-old Sophia Davidson‘s (pictured) 2004 Mercury Mountaineer to his truck, the woman demanded that he stop and began pulling at his side. Meadows ignored her and continued hoking up the vehicle to his truck.

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That’s when cops say that Davidson hopped into the tow truck and drove off–with the SUV attached. She reportedly ground the tires off of the wheels when cops caught up with her. After a chase that reached speeds of up to 65 mph, Davidson ended the pursuit after crashing into a vacant house.

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Though, the pregnant woman reportedly refused to exit the vehicle, forcing officers to break into the vehicle and wrestle her to the ground. Davidson, who is eight months pregnant, faces several felonies–including theft.

Here is more on the story:

During a Monday court hearing, it was revealed that Sophia Davidson, 21, of 503 Tremont Ave. SE, is nearly eight months pregnant. Judge Roland Centrone set bond at $25,000, 10 percent cash, but said he will review the bond at Davidson’s preliminary hearing set for 9 a.m. Friday because of her medical condition. Davidson’s due date is Nov. 5.

“You could endanger your child with that kind of behavior (Friday). That’s why I want that medical information,” Centrone said.

Davidson will not be allowed to drive if she posts bond and would be required to follow the rules of the court’s pretrial release program. Davidson is facing felony charges of failure to comply with the order or signal of a police officer and two counts of grand theft of a motor vehicle as well as misdemeanor counts of resisting arrest and reckless operation. At this point, Davidson has not been charged with child endangering.

If found guilty of the charges, she can spend up to five years in prison. Davidson has not been charged with child endangerment at this point.