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10:30 PM EST: Obama says he hasn’t been a perfect president, but that he promised to help the middle class and he has.

10:23 PM EST: Romney on POTUS: As president, you’re entitled to your own plane, and your own house, but not your own facts.

10:22 PM EST: Romney first says America is about religious tolerance, then 30 secs later says Americans all have the same God.

10:14 PM EST: Romney found a way to mention Ronald Reagan and POTUS, of course, mentioned Abraham Lincoln. We knew it was coming.

10: 12 PM EST: Obama tells Romney maybe Massachusetts Republicans could teach Congress GOP about cooperation.

10: 03 PM EST: Romney says Obamacare was a partisan plan, brushes over GOP obstructionism.

9:57 PM EST: Romney says he wants to repeal ACA (Obamacare). Says nothing of its predecessor, Romneycare.

9:54 PM EST: Jim Lehrer is relinquishing control of tempo and topic to Romney at pivotal moments. Take it back, Jim.

9:46 PM EST: POTUS: [Romney] would turn Medicare into a voucher program. Romney: That’s for future retirees, not current retirees. Obama: If you’re 54 or 55 you might want to listen.

9:43 PM EST: Obama says social security is “structurally sound, needs some “tweaks.” Romney claims that POTUS wants to cut Medicare.

9:39 PM EST: Romney flip-flops mid-debate. First he wants clean energy, now he attacks POTUS investment in green energy.

9:34 PM EST: POTUS says that oil companies don’t need tax breaks. If companies can afford corporate jets, they can afford to pay full freight.

9:25 PM EST: Romney shows his 1%  status. Interrupts both the POTUS and moderator to get last word on economy.

9:18 PM EST: First shots fired: Romney compares POTUS and VP Biden to his sons: They keep saying the same lie over and over again, and hope people believe that it’s true.


9:13 PM EST: Romney flip-flops on taxes, claims no tax cuts in his budget for wealthy Americans.


9:09 PM EST: Both the POTUS and Romney stick to the script, with both claiming that helping Middle-class Americans through tough economic times is priority.

9:05 PM EST: 5 million jobs created, economy is coming back. — POTUS


9:02 PM EST: President Barack Obama wishes First Lady Michelle Obama a happy 20th anniversary.



9:00 PM EST: Here we go. Domestics issues are on the table. The first presidential debate begins now.


With Wednesday night being the first of four presidential debates between President Barack Obama (pictured right) and GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney (pictured), you can stay abreast of the debate with NewsOne.

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NewsOne will be live blogging the debate here, giving our play-by-play analysis of the candidates’ remarks on the economy, health care, and all other issues argued on this high-stakes event. See you at 9 p.m EST!

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