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Double standards. When do they and when don’t they apply? Many females go through an experimentation stage in college and go through an oral fixation with members of their same sex. Ya know. Just to try it out.  Once they go through their phase and are back looking for “Big Rod,” the “temporary lapse” in judgment is put behind her forever but that doesn’t make her a lesbian.  Hell even women being bi-sexual isn’t even taboo anymore and most men love freaks in the bedroom.

But what happens when the situation is reversed. Say what? Yeah, we’re going there.  If a man has a one time voluntary homosexual encounter is he forever gay or can he chalk that up to youthful experimentation and move on.  See.  Double standard.  LiveSteez spoke to several guys and here’s their opinion on this two-sided rule.

If a man has a one-time voluntary homosexual encounter, is he forever gay?

I certainly believe that this fellow is now gay for the rest of his life, even if he doesn’t engage in another homosexual act again. Everything we do is based on decisions because we live a life based on moments of choice. There is definitely a moment before the act itself where a “no” can be declared, even in one’s most vulnerable situations. In order to do the “Do”, consent has to be granted.  Also, knowing that no one person is 100% straight nor 100% gay, submitting to one’s homosexual tendencies AT LEAST makes him 51% gay. And that is over the halfway mark brotha.  –Joel, 22, Banker

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