The rapper talks about his new outlook on sex and much more in a Zane Lowe interview.

https://twitter.com/ElidaGorny/status/651717424694202368 A South Carolina man was arrested for calling 911 on his girlfriend after she refused to have consensual sex with him. The incident happened shortly after midnight on Tuesday, when Patrick Doggett, 53, began drinking outside of his home in Spartanburg, the New York Daily News reports. His girlfriend and her grandchild were in the home. When Doggett came […]

A Sunrise, Florida man is facing first-degree murder charges for killing and sexually mutilating his girlfriend with so much force, he ripped her intestines out.

UPDATED, 12:56 PM EST, 3-10-15: A Good Samaritan at New York’s Rikers Island prison was beaten up Thursday by other prisoners who were upset that he failed to credit them for also assisting a corrections officer who was being sexually assaulted by a convicted sex criminal, a jail source tells the New York Daily News. […]


The uncle of a 13-year-old Brooklyn girl saved the teenager and her friend from prostitution by posing as a customer after the two were convinced by a stranger to have sex for money, prosecutors say. The girls, who have not been identified, met 25-year-old suspect Marcus (Melo) Sumpter while returning from a party on Aug. 30, […]

Exercise isn’t just about toning up and slimming down. Yes, it’s great for your health and achieving a sexy body, but exercising can also help make sex more enjoyable. Why? It’s important to remember that chest, back, core and leg strength are the key areas that tend to make all the difference when it comes […]

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I came to Brazil expecting to be the object of insatiable female lust. Everything I’d read about the country told me that there would be gorgeous women everywhere in search of a big, strong American Black man. SEE ALSO: 2016 Rio Olympics Coverage Journalist Jelani Cobb put a premature end to a number of Brazilian […]

So…you know when they asked you, “So, how was it?” and you replied (lied), “Honey, it was great!” Turns out, you’re probably not fooling them. According to a new study, men and women are actually quite aware of the level of their partners’ sexual enjoyment, which challenges a common belief that women and men have trouble […]

A new “ladies-only” masturbation bar, Love Joule, has opened in Japan, where women can have unrestricted titillating conversation about the art of masturbation and check out sex toys to boot, reports Complex City Guide. SEE ALSO: Is There Arsenic In Your Rice? Owner Megumi Nakagawa was inspired to create “a love and sex bar” that provided […]

CHICAGO  — Good news: Sex is safe for most heart patients. If you’re healthy enough to walk up two flights of stairs without chest pain or gasping for breath, you can have a love life. SEE ALSO: Did Gingrich Triumph Over Romney That advice from a leading doctors’ group on Thursday addresses one of the […]

The concept of waiting until marriage for sex is something many young Christians are letting lose of, CNN reports. SEE ALSO: GOP LOOKS FOR A WINNER Bachmann’s Iowa Chair Defects To Ron Paul Perhaps you’re saying, “duh!” But there seems to be some real challenges facing young Christians who want to remain virgins. The article […]