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Rosa Linda’s Mexican Cafe in Denver, Colo., says it has received death threats after it refused to host a Mitt Romney event, KCNC in Denver reports.

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Oscar Aguirre, who runs cafe, told CBS affiliate that he has received more than 500 emails and non-stop phone calls after news broke that his cafe refused Romney’s request to host a political function there.


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“They say, ‘I know where you live. I’m going to get you. Watch your back,'” Aguirre said, repeating one of the threats he said was made against him.

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Aguirre’s parents, the owners of the restaurant, said that they refused the request because they are not Republicans and would have also denied a request from President. “Obama, or anybody else wants to hold a political stop here, we’re not here for that. I’ll say no,” Aguirre said. He added that his parents did not want their eating establishment to get caught up in national politics.

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KCNC has more:

“The way (Romney’s camp) presented it to us was because we’re Latinos, we’re Mormon, we’re a small business, what a great venue to host a political presidential campaign stop,” Aguirre said.

“Did he ask to come and eat here, or just to do a political stop?” asked KCNC correspondent Jodi Brooks.

“Be a political stop,” Aguirre said.

Rebuffed, Romney made his campaign stop at another “Mexican” establishment while in Denver last week: Chipotle.


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