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The mother of the 3-week-old Detroit infant (pictured above) who was mauled to death by a Pit Bull is speaking out for the first time since the horrible incident.

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Fox 2 News Detroit spoke with Marciella Ramirez about that horrible day her baby, Tarilyn Luciana Bowles, was killed. She told the TV station that she had no idea the dog was in the house when she put her baby, who was strapped in a car seat, on the floor.

“I put my child to sleep after feeding her and set her down in the car seat like any mother would set her car seat on the floor,” she said. “Because she didn’t like her bouncy seat.”

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Here is more of what the mother had to say, as reported by Fox 2 News Detroit:

She says she saw no problem with that because she was nearby and the homeowner’s 2 year old pit bull was not in the house. She says the dog was always either outside in the yard or locked in his kennel. But somehow the dog got into the house and within a matter of moments he attacked Tarilyn. It was more than any newborn could withstand. Sources tell Fox 2 the ambulance that was supposed to rush her to the hospital had engine trouble and couldn’t go any faster than 40 miles an hour. Tarilynn was pronounced dead at the hospital. Maricella and the dog’s owner say the attack came without warning and the dog never targeted any of the owner’s children.

Right now, the dog is with animal control and will likely be put down. The dog’s owner is OK with that possibility. A funeral home in Detroit has offered to pay for the funeral and burial, but the family is raising money to buy the headstone.

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Detroit police have called the baby’s death a tragic accident.