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Folks have no respect for their elders anymore.

A 50-year-old Detroit woman says 12 young assailants attacked her on Thursday as she got off a city bus on the city’s west side, Fox 2 News Detroit reports.

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Lisa Sanford (pictured above) says that the thugs stole her shoes, money and jacket. The cops have three of the suspected attackers in custody. But she feels her personal security has been shaken.

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“They kicked me in my face so hard I couldn’t see.  I couldn’t get up.  I didn’t know which way I was going they kicked me so hard in my face,” she explained to Fox 2 News.

The attack took place around 8 a.m. and it was vicious one. Sanford says the teens kicked and punched her. Her hair was even pulled out during the assault.

“It’s very sad.  The kids are out of control, disrespectful.  It’s a shame when you can’t ride on a bus or get off the bus without getting harassed.  These kids are so just out of control,” said Sheila Williams, a friend of Sanford told Fox 2 News.

Sanford says the attack has made her fearful of going outside.

Detroit has been a hotbed for older citizens being attacked by young people lately. Back in May, a 64-year-old man shot a teen who broke into his home. A month earlier, it was reported that a 75-year-old man shot and killed a teen in an attempted home invasion.

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