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Gregory Bernard Lacy (pictured left) and wife LaQuron McLean Lacy (pictured) were arrested on suspicion of child abuse when Riverside County, Calif., police, who were investigating a separate murder incident, were led to the couple’s home where they stumbled upon an unauthorized strip club and accusations of child abuse by their seven adopted children, according the New York Daily News.

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Authorities were delving into the case of Calvin Lynch, 46, whose dead body was discovered last July outside of the Lacy’s suburban tract home.

When police investigators entered the Lacy home to search the premises, they discovered that the pair’s lower level had been converted into a strip club complete with poles, dancing platform, alcohol, and a private “Exotic Zone.”  When officers found ecstasy pills on a kitchen counter at the Riverdale home within reach of the small children, the discovery prompted them to investigate the couple further.

The Lacy’s adopted seven children — all younger than age 11 — were present when authorities were on the premise investigating.  The children told police they had not only witnessed strip parties that went on until the wee hours but that they were the victims of abuse by the Lacy’s.

Four of the children testified that 60-year-old Gregory had beat them with a metal cane and belts; one child was even reportedly threatened with a taser.

A 7-year-old girl alleged she had been the victim of a lewd act that Gregory performed on her while some of the other children watched.

After the adoptees, who spoke to the authorities and child protective services, were brought in by police, they all allegedly claimed that LaQuron had given them beatings using her fists, belts, hangers, and metal objects. The 43-year-old adoptive Mom, according to the children, not only would oftentimes refuse to feed them but would also barricade them in bathrooms on a whim.

Gregory is being held on $1 million bail and is scheduled to appear in court on Friday. LaQuron, who has already been released, was held on $50,000 bail and is scheduled to make her first court appearance on Monday.

The Lynch murder is still unsolved.

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