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Rapper-turned-actor-turned-reality-star-turned-chicken-restaurateur Flavor Flav (pictured) was arrested Wednesday morning in Las Vegas, after allegedly battling someone in his home, according to TMZ.

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Reportedly, Flav, whose actual name is William Drayton Jr., got in to a verbal argument with an unidentified teen and his fiancée Liz Trujillo in his home.  The news site reports that it was Trujillo who alerted police to the domestic squabble.

Flav allegedly pulled a knife and threatened someone with it while he physically assaulted the other.  At this point, it is unclear who Flav allegedly threatened and assaulted.

Police reportedly cuffed the 53-year-old Flav at 3 a.m. and charged him with felony assault with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor domestic violence.  Flav is being held on a $23,000 bond.

Jail is an only too familiar place for the former Public Enemy hype man who has run the gamut crime-wise from assaulting a former girlfriend to the attempted murder of a neighbor. He has also served time for robbery and burglary, drug charges, and various traffic-related incidents with the most recent one occurring last year, when he was arrested on four outstanding misdemeanor warrants for various driving offenses.

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