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A man accused of stealing at a Brooklyn, N.Y., 7-Eleven was restrained so aggressively by store employees that his clothing was pulled off his body during the struggle, the Gothamist reports.

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Video of the struggle between the man and three employees was recorded and originally uploaded to WorldStarHipHop. It has not been confirmed if the man did in fact steal from the store.

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The opening of the video shows the suspect trying to flee the scene as the workers violently grapple with him. “I don’t have nothing else,” the man is repeatedly heard saying to the men struggling to pull him in to the store.

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Customers inside the store are shown laughing and making fun of the scene as the suspect pleads with the workers to let him go. At one point, he makes it outside of the store but the workers end up pulling him back in.

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As he was pulled in to the store, his hand got caught inside of the door as it closed. He screamed in pain. One of the employees is seen biting the suspect on the back during the struggle. “He biting me fam,” the man yells.

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After a minute passes, the suspect’s clothing has been ripped off and he is down to his boxers. The workers then pull the suspect to the back of the store where video shows them beating on him. The NYPD has to record of the incident.

The corporate offices of 7-Eleven has this to say about the incident:

“We became aware of this video just this morning and are investigating what happened at that store. 7-Eleven, Inc. does not condone action that restrains customers or suspected robbers. As a matter of fact, this precept is part of a formal program we offer franchisees to use in training their employees.”

We’re sure that biting and punching a suspect is not part of the employee handbook, either.

Gothamist called the store but an employee declined to comment.