Funnyman Chevy Chase (pictured) did not get any laughs, when, during a rant about the taping of his TV series “Community,” he used the N-word in front of African-American cast members, according to TMZ.

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According to unnamed sources on the set, who spoke to the website, Chase was bellyaching about the sitcom’s direction of his character, “Pierce Hawthorne,” an arrogant bigot.  The actor reportedly grew increasingly unhappy with his character’s portrayal and was reportedly upset that his previous complaints about the show’s writing had fallen on deaf ears .

During the rant, Chase was reportedly overheard stating during his outburst, something to the effect of…”What’s next? Am I gonna say the word ni**er?”

The former ’70s star of the NBC-TV late night long-running comedy show “Saturday Night Live,” who worked alongside African-American actor Garrett Morris on the show, apologized to the cast and crew for his use of the taboo word.  Chase stressed that his use of the word was not directed at anyone on the set or to cast members Donald Glover and Yvette Nicole Brown.

Chase has had a few episodes of diarrhea of the mouth, and as of late, was accused of leaving a nasty voice mail full of choice cuss words for the show’s creator, Dan Harmon.  Following the 2004 elections, Chase criticized President George W. Bush during a speech at a People For the American Way benefit at the Kennedy Center, referring to the President as an “uneducated, real lying schmuck” and a “dumb f**k.”

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