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R&B singer Bobby Brown (pictured) was arrested in Los Angeles and is now facing yet another DUI, reports ABC News.

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The 43-year-old performer who was spotted by police for driving erratically at around 1 a.m. Wednesday morning was booked in to Van Nuys jail, after he refused to take a routine field sobriety test.

Brown was previously arrested this year in March on another DUI charge and a judge sentenced him to an alcohol treatment program, probation, and a fine. Brown checked himself in to a rehab facility last August ironically just one day before the premiere of his former late-wife Whitney Houston’s film, “Sparkle.”

Brown, who got married in June to his manager Alicia Etheredge, bailed out of rehab less than three weeks after he had checked in and agreed to treatment as ordered by the court judge. Reportedly, Brown felt he didn’t need to complete the program since he had reached a plea deal in his DUI case. In-patient treatment for alcoholism at the facility where Brown was admitted is usually a 90-day stint.

At the time, it was reported that friends, family, and New Edition band members were terrified that Brown’s penchant for spirits would result in his falling off the wagon again.  They also doubted that he was ever serious about truly wanting to conquer his demons and had voiced their concerns to him, according to Popular Critic.

Brown has admitted to developing alcoholism at a young age and also battling ADD and bi-polar disorder. Unfortunately, Brown has been arrested quite a number of times in the past for not only DUIs but also for driving while intoxicated.

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