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From The Boston Globe:

Middlesex District Attorney Gerald Leone contradicted Chanequa Campbell, who told the Globe last month that she had never heard of Justin Cosby until after the killing. Leone also said Brittany Smith was familiar with Cosby.

“They knew the defendant and they knew the victim. They both were familiar with Cosby,” Leone said. “How and why I can’t comment on.”

Campbell’s lawyer, Jeffrey T. Karp of Boston, said yesterday that his client did not know the slain Cambridge man. He declined further comment on that issue and also would not say whether his client was familiar with Jiggetts.

“I have no comment,” Karp said. “I respect the fact that the district attorney has an ongoing investigation.”

Karp was confident Campbell would not be charged. “She had no involvement in the murder, and based on my information, she is not implicated in the murder,” Karp said.

“She is hopeful that some day she will receive her diploma,” Karp said, “and she continues to feel a great amount of affinity towards Harvard and just wishes they would reconsider.”

Leone said that his office is not providing Harvard with information about drug use on campus from his inquiry and that Harvard is not sharing results from any administrative action the school may be taking against students.

John Longbrake, Harvard spokesman, declined yesterday to discuss the shooting.

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