Harvard University announced that Dr. Claudine Gay will serve as the  Ivy League institution’s 30th president.

Compton native LaShyra “Lash” Nolen made history by becoming the first Black woman elected as Harvard Medical School’s class president.

Queen Latifah will be honored by Harvard University.

Black Atlanta scholars took home the title at Harvard University’s annual debate competition.

The reality star she was "excited for the next chapter."

The Harvard Crimson has appointed its first Black woman president.

Richard Jenkins, a teen who was once homeless, has received a full-ride scholarship to Harvard University.

Bronx principal Chandell Stone created Destination Teach; a program that promotes education in developing countries around the world.

Life must suck when you are a grown person who wastes your life behind a computer spreading fake news about a 19-year-old girl who is at Harvard. This is the case for Christopher Blair, who runs a Facebook page called America’s Last Line of Defense. His page, which we will not link to, reportedly began spreading a […]

Former Morehouse College president John S. Wilson will serve as a senior adviser and strategist for Harvard’s diversity and inclusion programs.

Harvard University’s Radcliffe Schlesinger Library has acquired papers from activist Angela Davis.