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The two hottest songs on the radio right now are Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” and Lil Wayne’s “Every Girl”. What makes this interesting is not only the fact that Drake is affiliated with Wayne’s Young Money label, but the fact that the two songs offer completely conflicting and polar opposite perspectives on relationships with women.

In the chorus of Drake’s song, the rapper chants “I want this forever”—talking about his thing with the girl to whom the song is dedicated. In the chorus of Wayne’s song, Wayne chants “I just want to (shag) every girl in the world.”

I asked eight dudes at my Factotum-like night gig which of the two they’d want: a sky’s-the-limit relationship where you could be president or even crowned king somewhere but would have to remain monogamous with one woman or sex with a different chick every night.

Here’s what they said:

“You get bored with the same thing every night,” explained a 22-year-old cat.

“I need a little variety,” said a 35 year-old Spanish cat.

“A different chick every night!” cheered a 39 year-old Haitian cat. “Shiii, I’m a freak! My uncle’s a freak, my cousin’s a freak, my nephew’s a freak, my granddaddy…”

When I left this dude’s side, he was still naming freaks.

“A man that chases after different women is a man unworthy of respect,” explained our shift supervisor, a 55 year-old, married Ghanaian.

“Before, I might have taken a different girl every night,” began a 29 year-old married cat. “But now, I’ve had that. I did that. I’m taking one girl.”

“I could stick with one girl,” said a 26 year-old brother. “If her (stuff) was good!”

“If it’s your girl, you stick with her,” said this 25 year-old Italian cat that’s been with his same Dominican lady for the last 7 years.

“(Forget) that!” screamed this 20 year-old cat. “I’ma keep it one hundred: I’m (shagging) everything!”

This made our vote a 4-4 tie.

What’s your vote?