The epic beef between rappers Kendrick Lamar and Drake has once again demonstrated the linguistic acrobatics of rap culture.

As fans left Drake's first-ever concert at Harlem's Apollo Theater, they were shocked to find over a dozen NYPD officers recording outside the venue. Naturally, Twitter users voiced their concerns over the controversial move, wondering if this was another example of the "Hip-Hop Police" spying on popular rap artists and their fans. 

The former Chicago gang leader is currently serving six life sentences for his alleged involvement in a gang-affiliated murder stemming from 1973. 

Good News

LeBron James and Drake are executive producing a documentary about the stories of unsung Black hockey trailblazers.

People commentate on the rap star's 2-year-old kid.

Kevin Durant was reportedly hanging out with rapper Drake during the time the NBA star may have contracted the coronavirus that's caused a global pandemic.

Drake called out a male groper who repeatedly touched girls inappropriately during his "Boy Meets World" concert performance in Sydney, Australia Tuesday.


Drake has signed on as an investor in MatchaBar, a New York-based green tea shop which is working on an energy drink deal with Whole Foods.

Drake is trying to take over Instagram––at least for a little while––with his new hilarious ads for Virginia Black whiskey, which he invested in last year.


Samuel R. Hayes has filed a lawsuit against the Atlanta Hawks for their alleged racially discriminatory practices against Black entertainers.

Chance The Rapper was the real MVP of the 2017 Grammy Awards on Sunday.


Super star artist and performer Beyoncé leads the list prospective winners of the 59th annual Grammy Awards with an impressive nine nominations, including for Album of the Year, Song of the Year and Record of the Year. She will also hit the stage for the Feb. 12, 2017 event.