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With 96 hours left until the 2012 Presidential Election, nothing will be more effective in getting President Barack Obama re-elected than casting your ballot. But in the event you missed the deadline to register to vote in your state, or are unable to get to a voting booth Nov. 6, the second best option is to volunteer for the Obama campaign. Not sure how? Follow these simple steps.

Step 1-

Log Onto the Barack Obama volunteer page.

Step 2-

Fill out the questionnaire and make sure to provide your name, number, occupation and your email address.

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Step 3-

Type in your zip code and choose the neighborhood closest to you to join a volunteer team.

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Step 4-

Lastly, create an account by either loging in through Facebook or your personal email address. An email with further volunteer instructions will be sent to you.

See, it’s just that simple. With the 2012 presidential election as close as it is, Barack Obama needs all the help he can get to secure his position as Commander In Chief.  Whether it be knocking on your neighbors doors, or making phone calls to fellow citizens to encourage them to get out and vote, your input counts!

This choice is up to you! Get out and vote and encourage others by volunteering to do the same.