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Even before Democrats won the presidential election nearly three years ago, the Republican Party conceded that it needed to be more inclusive of people of color—the voters who essentially delivered President Barack Obama to the White House. SEE ALSO: Taraji P. Henson: Cookie’s Style Is Like “Fashion On Crack” [PHOTOS] According toBuzzFeed, before the 2012 presidential […]


History was made three times Nov. 6! Not only did America re-elect President Barack Obama to his second term in office, but The Augusta Chronicle reports  in the state of Georgia, Lt. Richard Roundtree beat out Republican Freddie Sanders Tuesday night to become the first African-American Sheriff Elect in Augusta, Georgia, including Richmond County and […]

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Election Day 2012 is finally here! President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney have campaigned  nationwide vying for the American vote and today people will cast their ballot. Now is the time for your voice to be heard. To keep the momentum going, NewsOne wants you to share your Election Day photos, and videos […]


With 96 hours left until the 2012 Presidential Election, nothing will be more effective in getting President Barack Obama re-elected than casting your ballot. But in the event you missed the deadline to register to vote in your state, or are unable to get to a voting booth Nov. 6, the second best option is […]

Politicians often speak of doom and gloom scenarios whenever the subject of their adversaries winning a given race arises. Republicans have made it an artform, though there’s something to be said of knowing when to pull back on hyperbole. Reince Priebus (pictured), the chairman of the Republican National Committee, criticized President Barack Obama’s economic record on […]

WASHINGTON — Jon Huntsman will withdraw Monday from the race for the Republican presidential nomination, his campaign manager told The Associated Press on Sunday. RELATED: Romney And The Silent Republican Race War SEE ALSO: Why Romney Can Lose Campaign manager Matt David said Huntsman will announce his withdrawal at an event in Myrtle Beach, S.C. […]

ATLANTA (AP) — Herman Cain is learning the hard way what it means to face the glare of the national spotlight. After captivating Republicans hungry for an alternative to 2012 GOP presidential front-runner Mitt Romney, Cain has made a series of stumbles that have left some questioning whether he’s ready for the White House. “It’s […]

A new poll from TIME shows President Barack Obama with leads over his possible GOP opponents for the 2012 Presidential Election. The poll shows Obama with a three point lead over Mitt Romney and a 12 points leads over Rick Perry and Herman Cain. Obama Raises $70 Million For Reelection In 3rd Quarter TIME reports: […]

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama’s campaign raised more than $70 million combined for his re-election and the Democratic Party during the summer, an amount that gives him a clear financial advantage over his Republican rivals even as faces economic and political headwinds. The fundraising total announced Thursday exceeds a goal set by the campaign of […]

CONCORD, N.H. — The Republican presidential race is quickly becoming a scattershot effort to deny Mitt Romney the GOP nomination by any means necessary. His rivals descended this week on what is essentially his home turf and they are ready to challenge the former Massachusetts governor on the economy, his central campaign theme, in a […]

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama may have a string of counterterrorism successes and earned high marks from the public on foreign policy, but neither is likely to help him hold the White House. For his administration, this re-election reality is a frustrating bottom line. When the first-term senator won the presidency, questions lingered about […]