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With four days left to go before Election Day, there are many stories fighting for the nation’s attention — who’s leading in the polls, who’s better for the country, outspending the other, spending more time in Ohio, etc.

But whether you’re fully committed to the President or still somehow undecided, here is one story that NewsOne is sure will stop and inspire you:

Thursday, in South Carolina, Lessie Stevenson, a 58-year-old grandmother from the city of Florence, made what could be her final request: to cast her early vote for President Barack Obama.

“It is important that we all vote,” says Stevenson, who’s health has declined over the past few days in a battle with cancer. “I wish that everyone gets out…”

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“Everybody should vote, too many people gave their lives for us to vote, and I wanted to exercise my right while I can.” Stevenson said.

Stevenson, who’s in critical condition at McLeod Health, insisted that she exercise her most precious civil right before she was moved to hospice care. Her long-time pastor, Pastor Terry Alexander, made her request come true yesterday, and took all of her official information to the local polling station and brought it back to Lessie for her signature.

“It is her last wish, she had to vote,” says the pastor. “She’s full of faith. She’s really an inspiration to folks who come to visit her.”

Voting. Potentially an elderly South Carolina woman’s last wish.


Have YOU voted yet? If not, why not heed Mrs Stevenson’s wish for all of us, and do what so many have fought for.



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