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Over recent years there have been conspiracies to scare, intimidate, confuse and just plain suppress in-person voting of minorities, the poor, and young voters who all just happen to vote more democratic. Here, NewsOne highlights some far-fetched voting conspiracies that you shouldn’t fall for on election day.

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1) Straight-party voting does not apply to the President.  There is a rumor that you must vote for the President first before voting for all democrats — or what is called “straight-party voting” — or your vote for the President won’t count.


Straight-party voting applies to the President and all other partisan offices on the ballot.  In America, the voting process depends on the type of elections that are being held as well as what state you live in.

For example, some states allow straight ticket voting, where voters can choose a single vote button and elect all members for various positions from a single party.

Presently, a total of 15 states offer this straight-ticket voting option.

On the other hand, there is also a split-ticket voting system, where voters can elect candidates from different parties by using various voting buttons. Either way, how to vote will be clarified in your voting region and at your respective voting venue, so you don’t have to worry about being tricked or mislead while voting.

2)  New regulations require a picture identification as well as a voter registration card for voting this year and all the information has to match.


In order to vote, you only have to produce one of three items: a voter registration card, driver’s license, or DMV-issued state ID card. Your driver’s license/ID card address does not have to match your address on the voter registration list. All that matters is that is your address on the voter registration list is correct.

3) If you show up wearing a T-shirt with your preferred candidate’s face plastered on it, you will be asked to leave the polling site! 


While you WILL be asked to cover that Obama T-shirt before you vote, no one will give you the boot at the polling place for advertising your preferred candidate on a piece of clothing, so you will STILL be allowed to rock your vote!

4) Voters can cast their votes via telephone.

There has been a rash of voting saboteurs who have been calling the elderly and advising them to vote for their presidential candidate via phone to save them the trouble of heading out to the polls.


Voting via phone is not a technology that has been introduced for national elections.  Before voting via phone could even be possible, there has to be significant security issues that have to be resolved.

5) If you have outstanding warrants or unpaid traffic tickets undercover cops will be waiting for you at the polls.

Stop It!

This is a nonsensical rumor that began circulating circa 2008 primarily in Black communities. Have no fear, the only thing that police personnel will be doing at the polls is exercising their own right to vote!

6) Black President Barack Obama supporters will riot nationwide if he loses the presidential race and he will then declare martial law and refuse to leave office.


This myth is obviously so absurd, it doesn’t even merit an explanation!

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