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Tuesday night, President Barack Obama was re-elected as the 44th President of the United States. NewsOne celebrates the President’s historic win with a number of features we hope you will enjoy.

1. If you want to know the President’s journey to victory — in addition to Mitt Romney’s many faux pas along the way — read NewsOne’s analysis of both campaigns here:

Obama Wins Re-Election As 44th President Of United States!

2. Wanting to continue to celebrate President Obama’s win, NewsOne had to go backward before we could forward. Relive how President Obama’s 2008 win impacted Black America, this nation, and the world!

Obama’s Win In 2008 Rocks Black Nation, World This Week

3. In case you missed it, you can catch up with the details of not only the President’s win, but Democrat’s wins in the Senate, the state’s that now have legalized marijuana, and more:

Election 2012: The ’47 Percent’ Leads President Obama To A Second Term

4. NewsOne was also present at President Obama’s election watch party. Read about the magnetic energy and the President’s speech up close and personal here:

NewsOne Attends Obama Election Watch Party, 2012 Black Vote Exceeds 2008 Vote

5. If you care to know why Mittens, uh, Mitt Romney lost to the President last night, maybe it has something to do with Negroes, Latinos, and sl*ts:

Negroes, Illegals (I Mean, Latinos) And ‘Sl*ts’: Why Mittens And The GOP Are Out Of Touch!