It’s the kind of touching story that would make for an excellent Christmas movie.  

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His inaugural exhibition, “The Art of an Athlete,” showcases how athletes have used their platforms and celebrity to raise awareness.  

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Florists in 13 markets were tapped to curate a “Cognac in Blossom” holiday arrangement. 

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The mobile payment service has unveiled a project dubbed "That's Money," which features ads—starring Williams, rapper Kendrick Lamar and investor Ray Dalio—that illustrate the many uses of the platform.

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The case Brom and Bett v. Ashley was taken to the County Court of Common Pleas of Great Barrington that same year. Bet and Brom won the case in which they received their freedom, 30 shillings and had their legal fees covered.

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“I’m excited for everyone to get an opportunity to go behind the scenes and see all the work that went into this iconic team,” said Wade.

From Charlottesville to Russia investigations to a potential war with North Korea, it’s been an insane year under the Trump administration. However, former President Barack Obama is still here to be presidential because our current president can’t. During the last Friday of 2017, Obama tweeted some good news about 2017. Everyone from a ten-year-old named […]

Signed into law by President Obama in 2015, ESSA seeks to provide quality education for all of America’s children. Find out how you can be involved.

Aaron Tucker, an ex-prisoner in Connecticut, receives an outpouring of goodwill after missing a job interview to help a car-wreck victim.

Vanae James-Bey has her sights set high on becoming a beacon of information for people of color.

Spunky New York City woman Caridad McKiver turned 100 Thursday and said that the secret to her long life is loving "big men" who are "sweeter, more passionate and patient."