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While here in the United States of America, citizens were anticipating the culmination of one of the most brutal election cycles in modern history, during which the veneer of  racism crumbled to reveal the ugliness beneath, thousands of miles away, an African woman was giving birth to Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

No, really.

Millicent Owuor, 20, who lives on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya, gave birth to twin boys on election day and named them after the 44th president and his GOP challenger.

“I named the first twin Barack and the second one Mitt,” said Owuor, to remember the day that Obama, Kenya’s adopted son, was re-elected.

The young mother gave birth close to the village of Kogelo, the birthplace of Barack Obama, Sr., who died in a car accident in 1982. President Obama’sgrandmother, Sarah Obama, celebrated in the village as jubilant well-wishers beat drums and danced in front off her home, saying that she was sure that her grandson would win.

Hear “Mama Sarah” give her thoughts on the election below:

While the tribute to unity is respected, with Kenya being Obama’s ancestral birthplace, we hope baby Mitt doesn’t have a hard time!