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Member of the singing Jackson dynasty, Jermaine has made the decision to change his iconic last name to “Jacksun,” reports TMZ.

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The legendary entertainer and former member of the R&B group The Jackson 5 reportedly filed a petition on Tuesday in Los Angeles to switch his famous surname for “artistic reasons” with no additional information provided about the filing.

Reportedly, Michael’s older brother will have to announce his new chosen surname several times via local printed publications before the change can be made official.

Jermaine’s latest whim comes on the heels of such memorable celeb name changers such as Chad Johnson (Chad Ochocinco), Snoop Lion (a.k.a. Dogg) and Meta World Peace (Ron Artest).

The always-seeking-publicity 57-year-old Jackson has been touring with his brothers over the past year while promoting his book about Michael entitled, “You Are Not Alone.”

Jermaine’s request is pending a judge’s approval and a hearing has been set for February 22.

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