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The old saying, “If you cant beat ’em, join ’em,” has definitely manifest in the weeks following the re-election of President Barack Obama. According to the latest polls, the POTUS is experiencing his highest approval ratings since July of 2009, reports

A USA Today/Gallup survey released on Friday showed Obama and his party drawing goodwill from much of the country in the wake of their triumph at the ballot box last week. Fifty-eight percent of Americans have a favorable view of the president — up 3 points from the USA Today/Gallup poll conducted right before the election. It’s also his highest favorability rating in the poll since July of 2009.

The public’s view of Democrats is also positive in the wake of a largely successful election for the party. Fifty-one percent of those surveyed have a favorable impression of the party, a 6-point bump since August and a more impressive showing than the 43 percent who have a favorable view of the Republican Party. Fifty percent have an unfavorable opinion of the GOP, although Gallup notes that “Americans have been negative on balance toward the Republican Party since late 2005.”


Rasmussen showed Obama’s approval rating reaching 54 percent on Monday — his highest mark in the right-leaning tracking poll since July 2009. It ticked up another point the next day. Meanwhile, Gallup’s tracking poll on Wednesday showed only 40 percent of Americans disapproving of Obama’s job as president, the lowest level since early 2010. Obama’s job approval has topped 50 percent in every Rasmussen and Gallup poll conducted entirely after last week’s election.

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Certainly, the good-will generated by the election largely stems from the visual of the president in his element. His wide smile and soaring rhetoric reminds people that they are a part of something historic. But it is also true that the substantive equality that defines his policies stands in stark constrast to the extreme right agenda that conservatives have been pushing. President Barack Obama represents a new America — and people are embracing the possibilities.

Let’s hope the trend lasts.


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