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A Los Angeles man has joined the “World’s Dumbest Criminals” list after he drove to a home to burglarize it, then left his vehicle and images of himself at the crime scene according to NBC Bay Area.

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The LAPD says that 25-year-old Miguel Luna drove up to a house in the city, kicked down the door and ransacked the bedroom. However, he was so loud that he woke up the owner who was sleeping in the next room. Luna then begged the owner not to call the cops and ran to his car. But it wouldn’t start. He ran back into the house and begged the owner again not to call the boys in blue. The owner slugged him over the head with a gardening hoe instead, knocking him out.

But the brazen, would-be burglar revived and walked away. Here is more on this ridiculously stupid story from NBC Bay Area:

He left his car in the driveway – full of his own property as well as electronics that may have been stolen from other homes, police said.

Among the items found: an iPad with Luna’s photographs on it and a traffic ticket bearing his name, police said.

“It’s often said in forensics that we always leave a little bit of ourselves behind anywhere we’ve been,” said Vernon, Commanding Officer of Mission Detective Division. “But this guy must have set some record on the variety and amount of evidence he left.”

We’re not sure if the “Guinness Book Of Work Records” would even consider registering a such a record. But, Luna’s failed attempt at crime will certainly get a few clicks in the online universe for years to come.

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