Los Angeles

Kevin Hart is opening two plant-based eateries in Los Angeles.

Following primary elections in California, U.S. Rep. Karen Bass advanced in the Los Angeles mayor race to face billionaire former Republican Rick Caruso in a runoff in November. If she wins, she will become the city's first Black woman mayor.

Karen Bass has attracted a large amount of support from Black women voters ahead of Tuesday's California primary elections in Los Angeles, a new poll found. It's a different story for Black male voters, though.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Los Angeles riots and the past can still teach us lessons. Here are five important facts about the ‘Rodney King Riots’.

Issa Rae teamed up with Airbnb and Nasdaq to donate $100K to a Los Angeles-based nonprofit.

Issa Rae was bestowed with the key to the city of Inglewood.

The policy forum noted that while people encouraging this yearly approach to the Super Bowl might mean well, these efforts often disregard the real stories and experiences of Black women and girls.

Sex trafficking is a problem that disproportionately affects poor Black and brown women. If advocates or law enforcement tell you that this is a real issue, believe them. This year’s big game is in Los Angeles, which makes the risk even greater.

This isn't your regular academy either. It appears as though the Grammy-award-winning producer has his eyes set on building the ultimate high school basketball team to challenge the Sierra Canyon Trailblazers of Los Angeles' big-time preparatory day school Sierra Canyon.

On Jan. 8, 16-year-old Black girl Tioni Theus was found shot dead alongside a freeway in South Los Angeles.

Black model Megan Milan was shopping at a beauty store in Los Angeles' Santee Alley called Remy's, and an Asian cashier, dubbed "Asian Karen" started rifling through her coat pockets presumably looking for stolen items, which she did not find.

After Suni Lee announced their relationship, she revealed that she’s been facing serious backlash from some of her fellow Hmong Americans because her boyfriend Jaylin Smith is Black.