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Jacquetta Simmons (pictured), who punched a 70-year-old Walmart greeter in the face last Christmas eve after the senior asked to see her receipt for merchandise she was carrying out of the store, was sentenced to five years in prison, reports the Daily Mail.

The 27-year-old young woman, who was accompanied by a male companion at the time of the incident, made some electronic purchases at a Batavia, N.Y., Walmart.  When Simmons walked to the front of the store to exit, she was approached by an elderly worker, Grace Suozzi (pictured), who asked for a receipt.  Reportedly, Simmons responded to Suozzi’s request with a sudden punch to the face that sent her flying across the floor.  Both Simmons and the unidentified male ran out of the store after the assault.  The couple, however, were detained by store employees and customers, who blocked the couple’s car until police arrived on the scene.

Watch the assault here:

Simmons’ punch was so forceful that it fractured the side of the septuagenarian’s face.

The violence was caught on the store’s security cameras, which was used as evidence to convict Simmons.

Suozzi, who says that she relied on her former employer to pay her bills, was left shell-shocked by the violent episode that drastically changed her life.  Suozzi testified in court that she cannot leave her house, is depressed, bruised, and afraid.  The senior also says that she battles daily with the physical and emotional scars that were left from the incident.

During the trial, Suozzi was inconsolable as she described what life is like for her now, according to the Daily Mail, “What she has taken away is irreplaceable, she has taken away my independence…she has taken away my joy and replaced it with trauma.”

Suozzi also claims that she is also struggling financially, because she is unable to hold a job.

According to the presiding judge on the case, who also viewed the attack on video, he referred to Simmons’ attack on Suozzi as “brutal and senseless.”

Simmons’ attorney contends that he and his client plan on appealing the conviction.

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