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What is going on with Katt Williams?

Continuing his stop through Oakland, California, where he was arrested last Thursday for battery, the troubled comedian took the stage the next night under the influence of some powerful drugs, reports


Comedian Katt Williams Arrested For Battery

Katt Williams Arrested On Possible Gun Violation

Williams stopped his show about 1o minutes in and began a rambling freestyle to the dismay of the crowd, who began to loudly boo him. Becoming extremely angry at someone who was heckling him, Williams stepped off of the stage and dared the man to meet him backstage. Security quickly surrounded him, and Suge Knight, the mastermind behind Death Row records, can be seen trying to get him to return to the stage. When that didn’t work, Suge picked him up and made him calm down.

Oakland Hip-Hop legend Too Short apologized for Williams, claiming that’s why you can’t get your “dope” in Oakland.

On the real though that’s my n*gga Katt he’s a personal friend of mine,” Too Short told the audience. “My n*gga is on something, he’s extra loaded. He got too high in Oakland. You ain’t gotta forgive my n*gga, but you do gotta understand. Y’all just as much to blame as he is. That n*gga is sky high. We can’t cover it up…  my n*gga loaded. Talk sh*t about it. Go to Twitter, but we still got love for Katt Williams.”

Another man can be heard saying that Williams “underestimated the potency of the Bay cocaine.”

See abbreviated version of the meltdown below. WARNING: GRAPHIC MATERIAL:

See full clip below. WARNING: GRAPHIC MATERIAL:

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Williams can not seem to stay out of the headlines.

As previously reported by, he has been arrested for battery after an altercation at a club in Oakland, California. In previous months, he was also arrested for violating parole with a gun possession violation and intimidating a witness in an odd tractor incident, among other incidents.

Hopefully, Williams, who is also believed to be battling mental illness, can get the help that he needs. Drug addiction is no laughing matter.