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Songstress/actress Vanessa Williams (pictured) will be joining an unemployment line again since ABC-TV announced that they’ve canceled her drama “666 Park,” reports Tulsa World.

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The network’s powers-that-be decided that the struggling Sunday night drama will be canceled — but not until 13 episodes have aired.

The supernatural series centers around New York City’s famed Drake hotel, which is located at 666 Park Avenue in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Williams, who is married to the hotel’s owner and plays the role of Olivia, sashays around as the queen of the Upper East Side.  The 49-year-old actress’ character is sophisticated, elegant, extremely wealthy…and ruthless.

Playing characters with bite on the small screen is nothing new to Williams, whose first major TV role was back in 2006, when she took b*tchery to a whole new level via her conniving character, Wilhelmina Slater, on the ABC hit comedy series “Ugly Betty,” which resulted in three Emmy nominations.  The show ended its run two years ago.

Williams then went from “ugly” to “desperate,” when in 2010, she breathed life in to the now-defunct ABC hit drama “Desperate Housewives” that had begun to rank pretty low with regards to water cooler chat. Williams played a wicked housewife who shook things up by wreaking havoc in the lives of the wives on Wisteria Lane.

What’s next for the talented diva?

Williams reportedly signed on the dotted line and has a talent-holding deal with the mega-broadcasting station ABC The deal allowed ABC to keep an exclusive working relationship with Williams, so they in turn would create a new show for her, while she was in between starring roles in their productions.