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Former Jacksonville police officer Sam Koivisto, 57, quit his position after he told fellow officers that he would volunteer to kill President Obama if given the opportunity, reports the Florida-Times Union.

Koivisto who admitted to being upset that Obama was re-elected, said that he wouldn’t mind doing something about it:

“If an order was given to kill Obama or something, then I wouldn’t mind being the guy.”

Upon further questioning by an integrity unit, the 26 year veteran also said that if  a nuclear explosion killed everyone in the northeast United States who voted for Obama, he wouldn’t care. Speaking about Hurricane Sandy, he said he wouldn’t mind if it had “killed them all” because of the region’s liberal leaning demographic.

“The statement I made in the office was something of the nature — I think Ms. Field at some point said, ‘You know, the poor people up north just got hit by one storm and now they’re hit by another,'” Koivisto said. “And I made the statement, ‘Well, you know, the whole Northeast just generally has voted Democratic, voted heavily Obama, got him elected. And so I said something to the point, ‘Well, if a nuclear bomb exploded and killed them all, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings any.’ That’s what I said. Didn’t make any statement about hurting anybody or anything of that nature.”

Koivisto said his statements were all “hyperbole” though:

“That’s not saying I’m going to do it or would do it, and that’s never going to happen,” he said.

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Since he was going to “retire anyway” in 5 months, Koivisto decided to quit rather than undergo an investigation. He asked to keep his badge and weapon in his retirement letter, and was allowed to do so.

As previously reported by NewsOne, Koivisto joins a list conservatives who are losing their minds over Obama’s re-election. It includes a gunshop owner who banned Obama supporters, secessionists, Holly Solomon, also from the great state of Arizona, who ran over her husband for not voting for Mitt Romney, teen billionaire Peter Brant II who ‘joked’ about killing President Obama on Twitter for making him “poor,” rioting students at Ole Miss, and Florida resident Henry Hamilton, who commited suicide because he couldn’t stand the thought of Barack Obama being President of the United States.

And this is only a few weeks in, so the next 4 years is bound to expose more deep-seated racism. Hopefully, right-wing nut jobs learn to accept the president before they implode — one at a time.