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Though conservatives have joked that President Barack Obama carries himself with the lofty pride of someone to be worshiped; they have manged to work themselves into a tizzy because comedian Jamie Foxx called the POTUS  ‘Our Lord And Savior’ at the 2012 Soul Train Awards in Las Vegas.

See the clip below:

Comedian Paul Mercurio had the following to say on Sean Hannity‘s show:

“They’re proud of their heritage and they’re proud Obama is in the White House, and good for them,” he added. “Yes, it’s over the top…He’s not our savior. And the tip-off is, you don’t need Obamacare if you have the ability to cure lepers with a mere touch. If he’s the savior he should be able to do that.”

“I think he thinks he’s Jesus because like Jesus Obama gave gifts to the poor to curry favor,” Mercurio joked.

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Radio host Mary Walter also weighed in:

“I’m seeing something that I’m sure Paul won’t see, but it’s part of this whole thing of: the intellectually superior don’t need the crutch of religion. You know, those of us who are clinging to our guns and religion — we’re somehow less evolved,” she said. “It’s about a societal religion as opposed to a church religion, because if the government gives you everything, the government becomes your religion, and he’s our leader.”

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On the flipside of this backlash, there are some evangelical African-Americans who considered Foxx’ joke to be blasphemous. The crowd at the awards show seemed too afraid that lightening would strike if they laughed at the joke. Some even took offense and wanted there to be no confusion on the fact that though they are proud of Obama, he would never be worshiped.

There are several serious themes that could be tackled here: racism, religious demagoguery and political stereotypes, but I’ll just deal with one:

It was a joke, people.

By a comedian.

At an awards show.

The gates of hell are not going to await anyone who laughed, no one thinks Obama is Jesus and there is nothing here to deconstruct.

Unless, of course, it is why it seems that when it comes to both Jesus and Obama all sense of humor flies out of the window.


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