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A Dallas police officer who moonlights as a rapper has been placed on administrative leave after appearing in a reality-style video showing off her gun and threatening to shoot anyone who messes with her, CBS Dallas-Fort Worth reports.

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Lt. Regina Smith, whose police officer husband died in line of duty in 2009, has been stripped of her police credentials and ordered to stay home while the department conducts an internal investigation. The video that lead to Smith’s suspension is posted on her website, The site is named after her late husband, Dallas police Senior Corporal Norman Smith, who was nickname “Big Russian.” He was shot dead while attempting to serve an arrest warrant at an apartment complex on Jan. 6, 2009, according to the website’s “About Us” section.

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In the six-minute video, Smith, who goes by the rap name “Lucille Baller,” is shown grieving the loss of her slain husband during a funeral and, minutes later, discussing her struggles of being an artist in music industry. “Already in this business, you know what Marietta, I’ve already been taken advantage of,” she said. “It’s quite a different business from police work. And you know what I’ll do to somebody who try to take advantage of me? You see this bullet right here? “I’ll stick it from their rooter to their tooter and bring it out.”

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Smith is then shown bringing a firing target from another room and explaining to friends how she shoots her gun that she nicknamed “Miss Lucy.” She puts a quarter on top of the barrel and pulls the trigger of the unloaded weapon. Smith tells the friend that, if the quarter falls off, she is shooting off-target. The video then cuts to a discussion between Smith and two other women where one of them shares her child custody challenges. “God first. Put it in God’s hands,” one of the women says.

“That’s true,” Smith agrees. “Let’s drink to that.”

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In the video and on her website, Smith does not deny that she is a cop. In fact, photos of she and her late husband are posted on various pages. When CBS-Dallas-Fort Worth met Smith at home Tuesday night, she told them that her actions have been “misconstrued by the media and the department.” Smith added that the site is a “tribute” to her late husband and that she has first amendment rights.

NewsOne reached out to Smith via a contact number on her website. We left a message and will update our story if she calls back.

In the meantime, check out the video that has gotten Smith in trouble below and take our poll.