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An unidentified woman is shown on a video uploaded to WorldStarHipHop demonstrating how she can flip her butt implants by moving them around with her hands, the New York Daily News reports.

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When she rotates the implant from the side that is suppose to sit flat on her bones, it looks like the top of a hand drum is protruding from inside of her buttocks. The woman wrote a word of caution along side the written description of the video:

“This is the dangers of butt implants. Ladies do not ever do silicone butt injections they are toxic to your body. Butt implants are not any better, too many risk, infection, displacement of the implant and they feel like rocks not to mention look very unnatural. Love the skin your in

Here is what happens when implants go bad. This is my personal experience I almost died from this surgery and am having them removed this thursday”

The Daily News spoke to Dr. Phillip Craft, a plastic surgeon with the Miami Institute for Age Management and Intervention, who said he believes the woman’s problems stem from an over-sized implant:

“That implant appears to be among the largest available for implantation. It’s just huge,” he said. “It’s way too big for her body.”

A too-large implant can likely lead to the stretching of the pocket, the protective layer of tissue that surrounds it. A stretched pocket can allow the implant to float around “like ice cubes in a cup,” said Craft.

“Most implants we use contain around 320 (cubic centimeters of silicone gel),” he said. “That woman appears to have 700 or 800 cc implants. That’s the size of a dinner plate.”

Craft says that the doctor should never have agreed to use such large implants on the woman.

“You have to think about proportions,” he said. “That is an gigantic implant, just way too big for her body.”

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Craft added that, while the woman says in the video that she wants to remove the implants, he recommends that she replace them with smaller one. His other piece of advice anyone wanting to get butt implants is to find a doctor who does the procedure often and has a good reputation.

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According to the Plastic Surgery Portal, butt implant procedures cost around $6,000 and take one or two hours to complete. Patients typically cannot sit or their backs or apply pressure on their butts for two weeks or more because of pain and swelling.