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When Katt Williams is on a roll, that brother is on a roll!

After the funnyman led cops on a wild chase through the streets of Sacramento on a motorized tri-cycle, he apparently had to let off a little steam. And just how did he accomplish that?

By smacking a Target employee in the face.

See TMZ footage below:

An eyewitness captured Williams fleeing the scene on an electric cart as the employee calls police.

See the escape below:

Charges have not been filed against the comedian at this time.

As previously reported by NewsOne, Williams was allegedly driving a three-wheeled motorcycle on the sidewalk before the Target incident. When police attempted to pull him over, he took off driving erratically in the street, at one point on the wrong side of the road.

Williams reportedly took off his helmet and yelled, “I’m not going to stop!”

Police called off the chase because of public safety and reportedly plan on charging the comedian with felony evasion.

See news report below:

By all indications, drugs plays a role in Williams’ bizarre behavior. As we previously reported, the comedian faces a lawsuit after cutting short a performance in Oakland and getting into a verbal altercation with an attendee. In video footage, security can be seen quickly surrounded him. Suge Knight, the mastermind behind Death Row records, eventually picks him up and tries to make him calm down.


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Oakland Hip-Hop legend Too Short apologized for Williams, claiming that’s why you can’t get your “dope” in Oakland.

On the real though that’s my n*gga Katt he’s a personal friend of mine,” Too Short told the audience. “My n*gga is on something, he’s extra loaded. He got too high in Oakland. You ain’t gotta forgive my n*gga, but you do gotta understand. Y’all just as much to blame as he is. That n*gga is sky high. We can’t cover it up…  my n*gga loaded. Talk sh*t about it. Go to Twitter, but we still got love for Katt Williams.”

Speaking exclusively with NewsOne on condition of anonymity, a former acquaintance of the comedian reveals that the comdian suffers from a clinical mental disorder and they fear for his life:

“I hope he can find professional help otherwise we will wake up one day to hearing of his death either via suicide or homicide.”

Sadly, this will likely not be the last time Williams makes headlines for bizarre outbursts. Again, we hope he gets the help he needs because we’re all rooting for him.


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