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Imagine leaving your house at 9 a.m. to get some water and before you can even quench your thirst, your life is over before you even realize your throat was slit…to the bone. It’s such an impossible thought, but it’s exactly what happened to 14-year-old Gastina in Afghanistan. The Daily Beast is reporting that the 7th grader was approached by two men (who are brothers) with a hunting knife outside of her humble northern Afghan (Kunduz) home and they cut the poor girl’s throat all because she said no to a marriage proposal.


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“She was very brutally beheaded just for refusing a marriage request,” says Nadiya Guyah, the Kunduz provincial women’s affairs director. It’s obvious that women are at the bottom of the proverbial totem pole in Afghanistan and this cruel beheading is evident of such. Gastina’s beheading has been added to a long list of brutal crimes against women in Afghanistan. From getting their noses and ears cut off to being attacked with axes, women live in constant fear in this Middle Eastern hell-on-Earth. Many women seek suicide as an escape.

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Gastina’s two killers, Sadeq and Masood made threats to her father and family, promising them that the wouldn’t take no for an answer. Gastina’s Father, Rahman told the men his daughter was too young for marriage, despite how often and aggressive they asked.


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It’s being reported that shortly after killing Gastina, the brother rushed home, changed out of their blood-soaked clothing and attempted to run. They didn’t get far before getting caught, looking nervous and scared. Funny–they were bold enough to behead a child in broad daylight, but then punked out once the deed was done. Smh. No charges have been filed against the two killers yet, but it’s still not determined if the men will serve any time or face any real punishment.

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The biggest culprit here is the culture of Afghanistan. Women will continue to suffer as long as men in Afghanistan set the rules and enforce them with violence. Many people in Afghanistan fear that it will take decades to change the mindset of men in their country and it may even be impossible.

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