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An Orlando judge recently ruled in NBA star Chris Bosh’s (pictured left) favor, regarding child support payments. After being able to defend his claim that he does indeed live in Texas, rather than Florida, Bosh was able to side step paying baby mama, Allison Mathis (pictured)  a whopping $30,000 a month, according to the Miami Herald.

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The couple’s child support battle has been going on for three years over their three-year-old daughter, Trinity (pictured below).

Mathis, who lived with Bosh when he played for the Toronto Raptors, conceived their child with the help of fertility treatments. Since living together for two years and going their separate ways when Mathis was six months pregnant, it has been a nonstop bitter public feud between the exes.

Mathis aired her business when she told the media about her job loss, saying that she had to go on welfare to apply for food stamps and was  facing foreclosure due to the “paltry” $2,600 monthly amount Bosh doles out for child support.

Bosh, who got married last year to Adrienne Williams and who also has a 7-month-old son, fired back at Mathis for smearing his good name and implying that he is not a good provider for his child.  The Miami Heat power forward even threatened to sue Mathis for invading his privacy, when she released their pregnancy videotape to various media outlets.

Bosh, who claims to have given Mathis $250,000 in 2010, said he pays for the child’s medical and dental insurance, which was not court mandated.  The 6’11” baller also covers all preschool expenses and supplies and school extracurricular and developmental activities fees. With a college fund already set up for the child, Bosh alleges that he gives Trinity plenty of emotional support as well.

Meanwhile, as far as any child support increases for Mathis from her ex-$18-million-a-year man, according to Texas law, he is paying what the courts deem necessary and no adjustments to the child support order are necessary.

Back in August, Bosh was grilled in court by Mathis’ attorney, Jane Carey, regarding his residency claim.  Even though Bosh’s name was purged from the Texas voting lists and he owns a $12.5 Miami Beach home, he still was able to claim Texas as his state of residency.

The presiding judge, Orange County Circuit Court’s Robert Evans, says that he based his decision to allow Bosh to claim Texas as his primary home because his income tax filings were sent to the IRS from Texas.

Go figure!

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