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Newark, New Jersey mayor Cory Booker claims to be feeling the effects of poverty after just a few days of his #SNAPChallenge, reports The Huffington Post.

As previously reported by NewsOne, the undercover super hero who rescues women from burning houses, miraculously arrives on the scene of car accidents to help and invites hurricane victims into his home to chill, is undertaking  a food stamp to illuminate poverty and eradicate the stigma associated with receiving government assistance.

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Booker took to his blog to say that his stomach is beginning to grumble:

“The constrained food options I have for this one short week highlight for me (with the hunger pains I felt today between small meals) what many hardworking families have to deal with week after week.”

Many have questioned the symbolic nature of the challenge. And while it’s true that this screams publicity stunt, it has also sparked a national conversation long overdue. This kind of grand gesture is nothing new for the Brick city mayor. He’s also plowed snow for neighbors trapped after blizzards and gone on a hunger strike in the middle of a drug-infested neighborhood to increase police presence.

One might question his political motivation, but it’s hard to argue with action.