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It’s December. The rugged year that was 2012 is almost done. Now is the time for a moment of reflection: Think about the milestones you accomplished this year and whether you kept the promises you made this time last year. What were the most memorable moments that happened?

Finished? Good.

Now give NewsOne your full attention as we do the same thing for the newsmakers of this year. All month, we are going to be handing out awards to the people that made things happen in ways big and small in 2012 with The Shine Awards.

We’ll pick the people who were crafty, inspiring, money-makers, smarter than average, and freedom fighters. These are the people who inspired you to try to be a better person or who showed great courage, strength, and foresight in fighting for what they believed. These folks were smarter than other people in their fields and use their wit and intelligence to their advantage.

In short, these are people you’re going to want to read about as you get ready for 2013.

Keep checking back to see who we chose and then let us know if you agree.